At rose-review.com we love to drink pink and want to share our love for it with the world.

We love the “if you’ve got it, drink it” attitude of rosé. We love that you’ll get change from a fifty for the world’s best rosés. We love that most wineries do a rosé. We love that there is a lot to love.

Is rosé just a summer drink? We say, “no way!” We don’t stop drinking beer when the weather turns cold so there’s no excuse for rosé to go into hibernation.  There is nothing better than to sit back, relax, enjoy a glass and soak in the sun, or at least dream of warmer days.

In no way are we professional wine tasters but dedicated fans who aim to copiously consume rosé from Australia and abroad and tell their story.

We won’t tell their tale by sniffing, swirling and spitting into a spittoon but by talking about how a rosé is enjoyed at backyard barbecues or at the local watering hole.

Please join us as we share the love, one bottle at a time.