Jack Rabbit 2016 Rosé review

The Jack Rabbit 2016 rosé is a 100% pinot noir rosé grown on the shores of Port Phillip Bay on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

We picked up this bottle from the cellar door for around $30 following our Lunch at Jack Rabbit Vineyard.  Being produced on prime waterfront real estate, we hoped this rosé is as spectacular as the views that the grapes grow up with.

We love the label, it’s one of the best in the business.  It says “buy me” when behind the bar and it screams “drink me now” when in the fridge.

Like most Australians, we take our first glass straight. Inital impressions are that it was quite heavy and almost a half strength pinot. When we accompanied the rosé with a pasta with Aussie prawn dish and then some Tasmanian cheese, the rosé came into its own. It softened the body and really brought out the strawberry flavours in the wine which made it a delicious accompaniment to the meal.

Rose review thoughts…

The Jack Rabbit 2016 rosé is a beautifully fruity rosé. It is easy on the eye as well as easy to drink. However, it must accompany food to bring out its best. We only had the one bottle in this session as we ran out of cheese!

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