Koonara Emily May Rosé 2017 Review 

Although based in the Coonawarra in South Australia, this rosé comes from Mount Gambier which is half way between Melbourne and Adelaide. From this base, Koonara have produced a very drinkable Australian pinot noir rosé.

Pick up the bottle and whilst the front of the bottle doesn’t really stand out, it’s the back label that we love, giving the history of Koonara but especially the story of Granny Emily May.

The colour of this rosé is also just a little different. It could easily be called a true pink. Not salmon pink, not bronzy pink but cotton candy pink. We love #drinkpink on Instagram and you are doing exactly that with this rosé.

After pouring out a glass, you are presented with a wonderful sweet aroma. Taking a sip, you immediately know that this is not a shrinking violet in terms of taste. It’s powerful but really pleasant. Immediately out of the fridge, it was rather sweet with a pleasant tangy aftertaste without being tart. After the losing the initial chill, the sweetness dissipated but the pleasant tang remained.

We found this rosé from the good folks at Koonara at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show for under $20 a bottle. It’s not widely available but understand a few specialist distributors may have it

Rosé review thoughts…

The Koonara Emily May Rosé 2017 is a real drinker’s rosé. It was great having this on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a few salty nibblies. Given the strength of flavours, one bottle was quite satisfying and we were happy to have sat on that.

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