Jacobs Creek Le Petit Rosé 2016 Review

The Jacobs Creek Le Petit Rosé is a high production rosé made for a national audience.  The source region is “south east Australia” which pretty much captures about 25% of the land mass of this great country.

The bottle is a fine spectacle with the black and gold label popping against the salmon pink rosé.  It definitely catches the eye in the refrigerator at the local bottle shop. 

The rosé is a very typical Australian blend with pinot noir, grenache and mataro grapes.

Taking a smell of the wine gives you a pleasant hint of floral without being overbearing.

You know you’re drinking a wine with this medium bodied rosé.  The initial taste is dry but quite tart.  There isn’t a lot of the sweetness of the fruit to come through and unfortunately it doesn’t come through in the aftertaste either.

We found this rosé at our local large liquor chain store in the cooler for under $20.

Hopeful beginnings

Rosé review thoughts

Jacobs Creek promote this rosé as a summer lifestyle drink so maybe having this on the Friday night in winter watching football on the TV didn’t quite fit the script.

However, we only got through a single glass before a beer became much more inviting.

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