Shadowfax Minnow Rosé 2016 Review

Shadowfax Minnow Rosé comes from the Shadowfax Winery which is a short drive south west of Melbourne at Werribee South.  After very satisfying lunch at the winery couple of weeks ago – Lunch at Shadowfax Winery – a visit to the cellar door was almost compulsory.

 The label doesn’t give much away that this is a rosé, apart from it being pink, but look past the label and the colour of the wine is invitation enough.  It’s not your typical rosé pink blush, but a more prominent blend of pink, orange and bronze.

This Minnow Rosé blend is a chorus of mourvedre, grenache, cinsault, carignan, syrah, roussanne and pinot noir.

Put your nose to the glass and the first thought is that Shadowfax has put the rose into rosé!  The floral notes are very prominent.

Tasting the wine and it is a nicely balanced, medium body rosé.  The first sip continues to give you rose.  Quickly taking the next sip and the floral moves on to a nice mixture of red and black berries with a hint of spice which adds rather than detracts.  Put down your glass for a while and you go back to tasting the rose again. The acidity is nicely balanced and I would describe it as sharp rather than tart. It leaves you wanting more rather than being too sour.

The flavour lingers for around five seconds and then dissipates. I like this as it is a good trigger to take another sip.

We purchased this from the cellar door for just under $25 a bottle. For locals and tourists to Melbourne, a visit here is a must.  Purchases can also be made online and although not widely available, we have seen it at various liquor stores around town.

Life is very good indeed

Rosé review thoughts…

This Shadowfax Minnow Rosé 2016 is Melbourne’s own rose.  It gives you flavours that are a little different to a stock standard rosé, but it’s full of flavour, well balanced and very easy to drink.

Only days from the start of winter, with the rain falling, and the temperature at no more than 10 degrees (50°F), would I have continued after the first bottle? – Most definitely!

Winter is coming but who cares!

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