Minuty M Rosé 2015 Review


Minuty M Rosé hails from the hills behind St Tropez, only a 15 minute drive from the super-yachts and blue waters of the Mediterranean. Coming from the spiritual home of rosé, this one certainly carries a big reputation.

The bottle oozes French sophistication with it’s curves and understated label.  Having the pleasure of removing a cork rather than twisting the lid just adds to the magic and anticipation.

The beautiful pale pink colour of this rosé is so representative of a Côtes de Provence rosé. A blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah (aka shiraz) make this rose a typical of the region.

Putting your nose to the glass, and you get…. well… nothing.  Not that this is a bad thing because none of us drink with our nose.  It just makes me more eager to taste.

Taking the first sip shows this to be a light to medium body rosé.  The slight level of tartness shocks a little at first because it wasn’t expected.  However, once you swallow, that’s when the magic happens.  That little hint of sourness gives way to sweet which leaves you with a beautiful berry aftertaste.  There is also a mild tannin presence leaving that fuzzy feeling at the back of tongue after each mouthful.

This Minuty M Rosé came from the Melbourne Wine House in Southbank for just under $30 a bottle.  It can also be found at specialty wine stockists around Melbourne.

Rosé review….

One bottle of the Minuty M Rosé 2015 was enough.  The slight tartness and effect of the tannins were enough stop us going back to the fridge for more. 

With our dreams of being so Frenchy over for this weekend, we’ll count the days until our next Côtes de Provence rosé.

One of these was enough

Have you enjoyed a Minuty rosé before? If so, please share your thoughts….


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