Blue Pyrenees Bone Dry Rosé 2016

Blue Pyrenees Bone Dry Rosé 2016 comes from Blue Pyrenees Estate, a cool climate winery 200km north-west of Melbourne near the town of Avoca.

This rosé gives us one of the most striking bottle labels around.  How can a deer skull with wearing a floral headpiece and tassels not catch your eye?  It’s Aussie country ruggedness meets Eurovision!

Looking past the label, the colour is pink with a slight orange blush coming from early picked Pinot Noir grapes with Pinot Meunier included.

Putting your nose to the glass, there is a pleasant but not overpowering smell of berry fruit.  Taking a sip, the wine continues to give you the taste of that berry fruit without the sourness.  Even though “Bone Dry”, the sweetness of the fruit comes through.  It is easy to describe this rosé as smooth and very easy to drink.  The taste then lingers in the mouth until the next eager sip.

We found this at Costco in Melbourne for under $20 and it can also be found at the big liquor chains for a similar price.  We’ve also seen the Blue Pyrenees crew at foodie festivals around Melbourne sharing their love of this rosé.


We went through a bottle of the Blue Pyrenees Bone Dry Rosé 2016 very easily and quickly.  The only disappointment was that there was not a second bottle in the fridge ready to go.

This happened far too quickly!

If you’ve tried the Blue Pyrenees Bone Dry Rosé 2016 before, we’d love to hear your thoughts….

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